Intimacy at Arms Length (Work in Progress)

Intimacy at Arms Length (Work in Progress)

This is a work in progress. I just don’t feel this one is quite done yet…there’s at least one more part to it! While I don’t usually publish anything that I don’t think is complete, this one has been begging to go out into the world. So here she is:

Part 1

Intimacy at arm’s length

The world at a stand still

Closed off, shut away

Wear a mask, stay six feet apart

No large gatherings, no concerts, no sports

Friendships, relationships, life from a distance

Social creatures forced to stop

What to do? Nothing?

Where to go? Nowhere?

Who to see? No one?


Can you hear the voice?

Have you forgotten?

Did you shut it away?


Intimacy at arm’s length

Punishment or Gift?

Go inside and decide

Look within, listen to the depths

Open your heart’s ear to that still, small voice

Life in focus

Social creatures forced to listen

To the heart of the matter

Opened eyes, opened ears, opened souls

Relationships deepened, changed, renewed

Intimacy at arm’s length

Part 2

Intimacy at arm’s length

The world at a stand still

Social creatures forced to stop

Hearts burst open

Seeking connection

Listening to the voice in the depths

Softly, quietly, persistently

The voice calls out its desire

She speaks of grace, of humility, of patience, of kindness

Of connection, of relationship, of truth

Of love


Do you hear the call of love?

Do you remember grace?

Are you open?


Intimacy at arm’s length

Pursue the gift

Go where the Spirit leads you

Look for threads of connection

Listen for chords of unity

Feel for bonds of love

Break the chains of condition

Life in focus

Social creatures forced to listen

Breathe, relax, rest

Step back from the brink of despair


Love calls from the depths of suffering

Intimacy at arm’s length

Living is a Puzzle


Living is a puzzle,
A struggle to fit in.
Each piece’s task is different,
But important to the whole.

Life is but a search
To find the perfect fit.
Each piece is never perfect,
But the picture is the goal.

The Master of the puzzle
Knows the pieces well
And keeps the picture in His mind
As He guides them and their will.

How sweet it is when completion comes
And the final picture’s done.
The Master and his pieces
Having come together as one.

Living is a puzzle
And understanding is the key.
Interlocking arms and thoughts
Giving perfect harmony.


Oh, those days in the Garden!
Beauty incarnate!
Before the taste of knowledge,
The tarnishing of innocence.

Clouds of guilt and shame gather
Darkening the world
With the stain of evil.

What to do?
How to cope?
Will darkness win?

A child born
A light in the darkness
The taste of a new knowledge.

Bright, shining Hope
Open handed Faith
Deep flowing Love!

Taste and See!
Freedom freely given
The Gift of Grace!